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Maps, photos and facilities for boaters.

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London Map
Map of London's waterways
Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf
Kensington Canal
The former Kensington Canal

What's available in this section.

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The Grand Union Main Line South of Watford
(including the Slough Arm)
  Link to Grand Juntion photos
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Link to Grand Union facilities
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The Paddington Branch   Link to Paddington Branch photos
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Link to Paddington Branch facilities
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The Regent's Canal Link to Regent's Canal map Link to Regent's Canal photos
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Link to Regent's Canal facilities
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The lower part of the Lee Navigation   Link to Lee Navigation photos
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Link to Lee Navigation facilities
The Bow Back Rivers Link to Bow Back Rivers map Link to Bow Back Rivers photos
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The Thames Tideway Builders   Link to Thames Tideway photos
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John Kennett's
Tideway site
Link to moorings Residential moorings in London. Link to walks site Guided towpath walks
(link to London IWA site)
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