5 Misconceptions and The Truth Behind

Some people don’t play online casinos because of misconceptions. Others would blame their losing streak to these misconceptions. Well, the lack of information may lead to these scenarios. So, before you judge or play an online casino game, you might encounter some misconceptions and the truth behind them.


Online Casino Operators Rig the Games Misconceptions

Online Casino Operators Rig the Games Misconceptions

People believe this misconception because they don’t know how online casino works. The truth is that the casino operators can’t rig the game because an independent software developer creates the games for them.

The software developer uses an RNG (random number generation) system. This system is so random that even the developers can’t predict what comes next.

Moreover, both operators and developers have to obtain licenses from gambling commissions. They have to undergo independent audits regularly.

These rigorous procedures alone are enough to assure you that the operators can’t rig the games. Otherwise, the gambling commission can suspend the licenses for gambling malpractice.


Casino Bonuses Reduces Your Odds of Winning

Many gamblers are still doubtful about casino bonuses despite being happy to receive casino bonuses. Some think that the casinos give out casino bonuses so they can win the money back. It’s like giving you false hope.

This notion is entirely wrong. The RNG system doesn’t recognize whether you’re betting your bonus or not. It works systematically in a simple equation (a bet, spin, results). The determination of whether you’re using your casino bonus or not is a separate system within the casino’s operation, but not the RNG.


Misconceptions That Gambling Sites Aren’t Safe.Misconceptions That Gambling Sites Aren't Safe

Again, it’s unfair to assume that online casinos don’t keep your information safe. First, these online casino operators have licenses from gambling authorities. Second, the operators use encryption technology to ensure the security of information.

So, you see, these operators undergo strict compliance from government authorities. If ever these casino operators do something fishy, you can complain, and the government can suspend them or blacklist them for good.


Minors Can Gamble in Online Casinos

Some parents and guardians think that their kids might stumble upon these casinos and gamble online. This concern is valid but won’t be a source of stress to parents.

Online casinos require proof of identification upon sign-up. Besides, they ensure that minors can’t access the site. One, restricted countries can’t view online casino sites.

Two, online casinos often ask if a user is of the minimum age to view the site.  So, if the minor doesn’t know how to lie, he or she would typically log out of the casino site before any harm happens. If in case the youth continues, he or she can’t gamble until he or she verifies the identity.


You Boost Your Odds When You Play Longer.You Boost Your Odds When You Play Longer

This notion doesn’t have any basis. No matter how long you’ve been playing, your odds remain the same. If your chance of winning is 1 out of 10, this probability is still the same after three hours.

More extended gameplay puts you at risk of losing more money. So, diversify your gameplay to mitigate these losses.



There are other misconceptions out there. Maybe, you have one or two on your mind right now. Don’t let these misconceptions ruin your enjoyment. If you like playing online casino games, go for it. As long as you stick to the bankroll rule, you won’t encounter any problem at all.

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