In addition to the unique printing on the bompers, one other difference between the game and a standard pinball machine is the style of gameplay. Unlike a pinball machine, which has random features, the game of Bompers uses a system of values which are used to determine what the winner is. There are three different types of values that can be used: the high, medium, and low. The low value is actually what determines whether a player will hit the ball and it is called the “low ball” in the jargon of the game. The high value is used to determine if a player will miss the ball and it is called the “high strike” in the jargon of the game.

When you play the classic blackjack game, there is a card that looks like a jackpot bingo card on the reverse side of the card. The reason for this is that bingo wheels are printed with six quadrants and the bingo card is printed with four vertical bars with numbers in the corners of each bar. Therefore, the six-bar bingo wheel is printed with the numbers “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, and “6”. Many people believe that this represents the number combinations that will win the game – but actually it is just a random representation of where the winning number will be on any particular bingo card.

The way the game is played is also different, as well. Unlike a standard slot machine game, the only way to increase your chances of winning in Bompers is to increase your total bankroll (i.e., buy more cards). This is done by adding new bompers, purchasing bonus packs of cards with new bompers and purchasing “sticky wilds”. The value of the “sticky wilds” is determined by how many times you have played in the past (how many “bounced out” to become the new bomp) and is called the “wild per click” value.