Haunted hospital

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In the past, some youths have considered the old county infirmary a haunted hospital. This is because a young girl named Noelle Johnson was killed in a traffic accident down the street, and fire officials say she and her friends were in town because of the empty hospital. Over the years, the hospital has remained empty, and it has been broken into several times. It has since gained Internet fame for its creepy atmosphere.

The spooky stories of ghosts and hauntings in abandoned hospitals have long spanned decades, and some hospitals have even featured ghost tours. Paranormal experts and local historians have weighed in on the various claims made about these haunted hospitals. Whether they’re true or not, these stories range from revenge from the grave to doctors who continue to supervise their wards after death. But regardless of the origins of these ghostly stories, all share one common thread: hospitals are often the scene of sad deaths. Whether ghosts are lingering in abandoned buildings, or simply trying to get their revenge, these buildings are hot spots for paranormal activity.

In Mingo County, the Old Hospital on College Hill was opened in 1928. It was run by the Sisters of Divine Providence and contained 16 nuns. While the nuns stayed in the hospital for decades, locals in the area wondered if it was haunted. In 2013, a group of volunteers, led by Luke Lamberth, conducted a paranormal investigation at the facility. A boy named Timmy haunts the hospital.