Knockout diamonds

The action in the popular Knockout Diamonds slot machine plays out on a very simple and familiar 1 reel, 3 payline machine. Land 3 matching icons or coins on that payline at any point during the game and you will create a winning combination. You can even enter the virtual ring at low stakes levels which start at only 25p and go up to a maximum of 100 per spin. The machine will then tell you how much your next spin will net you before it spins the actual jackpot ball.

For the first few spins of the game, the icons will fall into a neat grouping. The trick is to get all those “You Hit” icons onto your paying so that you can win the pot without having to play for your winnings. The first two to three hits are not very expensive but when they do it means that you are going to need to play at a high volatility. After a while the payoff starts to add up and soon enough you are looking at big payouts. Once you reach a certain level with the game you can easily cash out and walk away with a good amount of extra money.

In case you were wondering, the actual “boxing match” experience is not part of this particular online game. However, the Pay-Per-Play experience is what has made it a popular slot machine and one that many casinos are looking to have as part of their online game offerings. For some reason, the Knockout Diamonds seems to be able to maintain a consistent winning rate despite being an online game and the same could be said for the online slots as well.