Miss wildfire

Miss Wildfire is one of the two most popular figures from the world of casino games. In fact, in most variations of the game, Miss Wildfire is the only character who can actually speak (although she is often just text messages sent from another character). She is an icon in the world of casino games because not only is she often the casino’s most common character (compared to other characters like the dealer), but because she is also the most beautiful character (she has six different facial expressions, and they all are really beautiful).

Miss Wildfire starts out by walking into a light beam of light from above, then after some pause she crosses a set of beams and enters what looks like a forest. While the reels are spinning, Miss Wildfire walks up and down the tree branches in front of you, touching symbols on the branches of the tree as she does so. After she has passed through all of the branches and she comes to a light touch of a symbol, she crosses another set of beams and enters what appears to be a cave. From here, she touches various symbols on rocks and the ground, and then finally touches what appear to be a large crystal. When Miss Wildfire reaches the center of the cave, her eyes start glowing and she falls to the ground and lands in front of you with her hands behind her head.

This version of Miss Wildfire, the “alchemist” is truly an incredible example of how a character can be defined by a visual image. In this case, we’ve seen that the image that represents Miss Wildfire (a fiery walking wildfire) is very important to her, and is even what separates her from other alchemists in the game. Her walk, her touch, and the images that define her are all important to her, and while it is easy for us to forget that because she is an alchemist, she cannot actually use fire herself, we must remember that her ability to synthesize (synergize) elements is what makes her truly qualified to become an alchemist. The symbols on the tree, the crystal, and the cave are also what make her unique, but that certainly doesn’t diminish her status as a true alchemist.