The game of Nitropolis is based on the idea of an oil platform in New York City. In every city there are businesses and different industries operating below ground. In this game a person can join this business or industry and if he/she becomes a success the rewards are huge. If you like playing the casino games such as Blackjack and Poker then you will love playing this game because you will be playing with Nitropolis workers.

The storyline of Nitropolis is about a group of people who are fighting for their own freedom. You see the people fighting over a pipeline they want to use to run their oil company so they shoot the guards that are trying to stop them. As a result more guards show up and fight them too. After some time during the combat one of the guards gets shot and he falls to the ground and starts to bleed, this is when the real action begins, the player has to save him by shooting all the other guards who are trying to bring him to life.

This is a great game for those who are looking for something that is fast paced and full of action, even though it is not a game of luck it still requires concentration and skill in order to win. One thing you should be aware of is that if you don’t win more than fifty percent of your attempts you will get a negative score. This means that you won’t win any money during your play time. The best way to improve your winning combinations is to practice on free rolls. The amount of time you have to spend practicing on free rolls depends on how much time you have.