The grand galore


The Grand Galore has been one of the biggest surprises in recent years. A bright, colourful and original slot machine, the Grand Galore has been getting rave reviews and is tipped as the number one slot machine for this year. The Grand Galore slot machine is based on the very popular World Poker Tour game and is programmed by none other than billiards legend Alan Silver. It is programmed by a series of random generators that are responsible for the patterns and images that appear on the screen. The machine was recently named by tabulators as one of the best Newports of all time and is tipped to be a big hit with consumers due to its simple design, colourful graphics and the different bonus options it offers.

The Grand Galore slot machine has a number of different graphical displays and can either be operated manually by pulling levers or using push buttons. In the case of the latter option, the user has to pull both the right and left arrows to trigger the feature, and must then pull the corresponding lever again in order to get the winning combination. The first step in winning a game of The Grand Galore involves pulling a lever which causes a change in graphic display, such as a reel slowly spinning or images of billiard balls bouncing off of the slots themselves. The winning combination in this case is always a billiard ball bouncing off the first available line in front of it. Pulling levers once more, a second time produces a sequence of images such as billiard balls ascending towards the light on the top of the machine.

The Grand Galore also has an interesting addition to the game which is not actually a part of the playing mechanisms, but it is a part of the graphics that make the machine look more realistic. Known as ‘expanding reels’, these expandable reels add a special kind of excitement to the game that can’t be replicated using the traditional mechanical methods. As the name suggests, the expanding reels are situated on the lower half of the machine. Each time you pull the handle, a spring attached to the reel pulls up, thus letting you see one or more lines expanding out from the reel, until finally you find the winning combination! The best part about winning with the Grand Galore machine is that, since all the other reels are the exact same size, regardless of whether you pull the handle or not, you will always end up with a winning combination.