Triple bar

What is the Meaning of the Triple Bar Video Slot Symbol?

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There are many possible meanings for the symbol. For example, it can symbolize symmetry and uniformity in life. The number of lines can represent significant people or a memorable time period. A triple bar is an “equivalent” symbol, with code point U+2261. However, be careful not to use this symbol in an incorrect context. It is actually an incorrect way to represent an equal. A horse that is hot or lazy may need extra balancing in front of the oxers.

The triple bar symbol is a common graphical representation of a triple bond between two atoms. It is often used as a shorthand for the chemical acetylene. This symbol has several context-dependent meanings. It is a codepoint in Unicode, and the close-related symbol has a slash through it. The latter is used to negate a mathematical meaning, whereas the former is used to indicate an emotional or mental state.